My blog makes a connection between travelling and food. When you travel its hard not to indulge in the food that’s being offered in the different city or different country. The aim is to show how even on a student budget you can both travel and indulge in some yummy food that wont break the bank. Or just enjoy making some yummy food in the comfort of your home.

The name is Nkuli and I am a South African female who loves all that is creative. I am currently in university student studying my way to own my own cafe or restaurant. 1st stop is to get a degree in BCom in Economics.

I am a young spirit in some ways. I am a girl that cannot live without an extensive collection of colored pens and stationary. Among some of my other joys are a good cup of tea, well-made sushi, experiencing new music and seeing places I’ve never been. I’m an avid fan of Oreos but cannot stand milk (which Zach finds “odd and yet cute”) My dogs are my absolute best pals in the world, I enjoy a challenge and have a deep love for ice cream in the middle of winter.


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  1. Helen Makola says:

    Hi Nkuli, what a beautiful name you have! You really seem focused and a go-getter! I loved reading about your experiences I different countries and can’t wait for additional info! 🙂


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