New York

“Yea I’m out that Brooklyn, now I’m down in Tribeca” – Jay Z

Visiting a friend is always a lovely thing to do. It was definitely easier when she lived a couple of suburbs away and not in another continent. So, my friend Jodi and I decided to get on a plane visit New York and do all the tourist and not so tourist things. This trip was definitely needed and many laughs were shared and money well ( well?) spent. So these are the places we went to whilst on the trip.

  • Places 

Grand Central

As pretty and full as shown in movies and television. Strangely enough there is also an iStore in this place which makes it even more crowded and I honestly thought was strangely odd odd – lets get an iPhone while we wait for the train?

Central Park

This was so lovely and so lovely we got to capture such a wonderful photo with my best friends. Its actually a lot bigger than it looks and we didn’t make quite around the trip the whole park. There was a wedding, people playing music and giant bubbles being made, and babies having photoshoots with matching outfits with their mothers.

Brooklyn Bridge

Unfortunately we didn’t walk the bridge mostly because this day was the coldest day (or at least the coldest we had experienced). We did however get some scenic snaps of the bridge and stood by the water lookout where you could see the Seaport City side.


China Town

Dim sum was shared and bargins were made. This place is fast paced and a lovely place to be. We stumbled upon ice cream shops, many bubble tea places and the smells of delicious food.

Color Museum

An experience I think everyone should definitely try out. Each room either has a taste, visual or sensory experience. You learn about color and try tap into your creative side.

Time Square

Are you even in NY city if you haven’t been to Times Square and had Alicia Keys singing in your head the entire time.

Bryant Park

During the time of the visit. This was when the Christmas market was present. This was the cutest thing and there was a giant Christmas tree, ice rink and many markets. I dived into one of them and got a super cute space case (because stationery hoarder lol)

Processed with VSCO with ku8 preset

  • Food/Drink 


So I have been watching a show called Chefs Table for a while now and have fallen deeply for each of the chefs that feature on the show. Christina Tosi, is the creator of cereal milk flavoured ice cream and “crack” pie. So of course I got both, and was I not disappointed. These were absolutely delicious and yoh definitely should’ve got more. Jodi got the truffle balls and these were buttery delicious and also super delicious.

Pietro Nolita

Saw this come up a couple of times on Pinterest and decided that whilst in Soho we should definitely visit the place that is “PinkAsFuck”. This tiny bar and restaurant was very very tiny but served some delicious pasta and a yummy cocktail. We sat next to a table with a lovely lady who was also from South Africa (what are the odds). She had moved to the USA a while ago and was with her daughter. We joked about South African slang and she questioned why our Afrikaans was terrible.


Not only was Jodi after the best pizza slice in NY, she was also after the best Mac and Cheese and boy oh boy did this deliver. It was a super yummy cheesy dish that delivered in flavour and nostalgia.

Beauty Bar

This was a schnazzy beauty bar that was started in the olden days (of I don’t know when) that did hair and nails – and was recently turned into a bar. Now a days is a bar where you sing all the golden oldies and may enjoy a cocktail whilst getting your nails done. There are an interesting bunch of people that enter this place and we definitely heard many stories and laughed till we thought we had abs.

Times Out Market

When in Brooklyn starving and fighting the cold, Times Out Market is definitely a place to go. I had been to one in Portugal – Lisbon. This market had different offers than Portugal and I had opted to get the Ramen which was exactly what the doctor ordered considering it was like 4 degrees outside.

Random corners in the city for hotdogs and pizza

Any corner on anywhere in New York has a hotdog stand a pizza place. Jodi was on the hunt for the best slice whilst I was on the hunt for the best hot dog. I only indulged in about two and definitely enjoyed a bite of every pizza Jodi bought.

We did a lot of things but there were obviously there is still a ton more things that we still needed to do. The best part of this trip (as sappy and gross as it sounds) was spending it with two of my closest friends. We laughed in situations that didn’t need laughs, gave Carolyn an extra tough layer of skin, learnt so much about each other and Jodi packed my bag every night because – love hehe. I hope to make many more friend trips in the future because honestly they’re the best. 10/10 would recommend.



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