highlights of 2018

In a nutshell, 2018 has felt like it has taken 3 years but all in all it’s been a heck of a goodie. I have done the most travel that I have ever done before, been pushed to my limits and have been embarked on some really cool adventures, internally and externally. I mean it hasn’t been all butterflies and rainbows, some of 2018 was not so lekker. But hey I’m focusing my energy on the positive and without further a due, here is a highlight (or two) of each month.


Started the year off with a hike. The goal was to hike every month. Although we couldn’t hike each and every month it’s nice to know we started off strong. This hike was done in Hennops Hiking Trail.

The other highlight of the month was watching Angus and Julia Stone. If you recall, Danielle called me silly because although a big fan I hadn’t known that they were brother and sister, but had just thought that maybe they were lovers.


This year, I had entered my first bartending competition with Havana and had found out that I was one of the finalist that were chosen to compete in Cape Town. This is when Alex Farenheim and I’s travel-friendship began.

Photo taken by Kyle Lord (@kylelordza)


So the perks of working at Molecular Bars include, the discovery a different form of art and love for the industry and the true test of patience and hard work. This month with Molecular, instead of the usual clink clink shake shake of a cocktail, I had (with the help of Tobin, Sian and the other molecules who helped tie ribbons) made 3000 lollipops.

During the month, I had also seen my grandmother who is an absolute gem and honestly the love of my life. She’s inspired my love for baking and cooking (which you will see more of this year) and how to not be a kak human being.

This photo was taken by Dino Batista (@molecularbars)


Binnelanders was hosted at the oh so fancy Wits Sports grounds. Lots of hard work and effort was put into the prep as well as the coaching of the team and in the end it all came together.


Can’t mention the Voodoo Kudus once (which are now known as Wits Ultimate Frisbee). We got in a bus in some flashy new kit and played at Mixed Nationals at Rhodes University. (Also this is when Karien took I think her first shot – you go girl)


The girls and I packed our bags and headed off to Cape Town for a much needed girls trip. Although we locked ourselves out of the apartment and almost died at sea, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about this trip. (Blog post link: Cape Town with the girls)


I had won my first ever bartender competition nationally (in South Africa) in the Bartender Talent Academy with Remy Martin. It was such a lovely day – my friends came to support me and my boss’ were quite chuffed. What a lovely day it was.

My cousin had her second child and I couldn’t have been happier for her. The baby is super cute and of course has all the sass.



Merete did this cool thing and started a kick-ass all female Frisbee group called Tyranny for the Woman Nationals. We bonded as a team and it was really amazing being part of a new movement that is starting in the Frisbee community.

I was fortunate enough to have been chosen by Caitlin Hill to be part of the #BeTheBotanist experience. This meant that bartenders and restaurant owners from across the nation would come together to learn about all things Botanist and foraging. It was such a heart-warming experience. (Blog post link: #BeTheBotanist)



Crazy enough I completed my first 10km run with FNB and damn was I chuffed with myself. My time wasn’t too bad I think and was just happy I did more running than walking. Hopefully there’s more this year.


Went to compete in global in France for the Bartender Talent Academy. What a magical trip this was. Although a competition, I feel like I walked out there more aware of the efforts and crafts goes in a bottle of Remy Martin and Louis XII. The people that I had met were super cool and can’t wait till we have a sneaky reunion. (Blog post link: Bartender Talent Academy 2018)


Packed my bags straight after exams to jet set of to America. Such a calming and relaxing trip. It was so lovely to see the loves and to adventure off and learn a whole more about America and Americans. This time I had visited Oregon and Washington State.


Got to spend my month with the family, my intermediate family, my bartender family, some of my best friends who feel like family and so much more. It was lovely to see some and wish I had seen so many more people (but you know this jetsetter life hey).


Because these were the in-betweeners.

  • Being at my fittest that I have been in for a while consistently.
  • Having been able to travel to 5 destinations this year (Cape Town, Limpopo, France, Port Alfred and America)
  • Seeing more high-school friends!  Honestly seeing more of them makes my heart smile.
  • All the jols at the Royale, the farewells because people are starting new adventures and travels.
  • Checkers for starting your mini garden movement! Loved it, just wished someone would have watered my plants while I was away :((

Here’s to hoping 2019 is a banger!

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