cape town with the girls

Half way through the year and yo girl needed a break from work, university and Johannesburg in general and decided a sneaky visit to Cape Town would be suitable. From almost twisting my ankle down a mountain, Jade almost being taken out by the sea and locking ourselves out of our AirBnB, this trip with the girls was something to remember.

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Early bird catches the worm they said – nah it just naps on the plane

IMG_3085This trip started off bright and way too early on a Tuesday morning (round about 4:30am in order to make our 6:30am flight). Naps were thoroughly enjoyed on this flight and when we landed, the excitement on our faces was too hard to hide. After sitting at the airport for 2 hours trying to hire a car that wouldn’t leave us financially burdened, we hit the road with what became the song for the trip – 24 Karat 2016 – Gladius. We did all the fun things in Cape Town and tried out all the lavish things that the mother city had to offer. I shall present all these adventures in different categories.

Ice cream

So without a doubt this list off all the indulgence will most likely be the longer list of all the categories. We took advantage of the fact that we were adults and could have ice cream for breakfast and ticked off places that were recommended or seen on Instagram.


The thing that drew me here was the fact that the ice creams were vegan and that the flavors were surprisingly some that I had never seen before in ice cream. I had decided on the turmeric latte and the carrot, beetroot and ginger flavors. This was definitely my favorite ice creams that I’ve ever had. You can find their Instagram page here in which you can see what the falvors of the day are.

Tumeric Latte (top) Carrot, ginger and beetroot (bottom)

Moro Gelato

Cute little store tucked away on Long Street, serves their gelatos with a complimentary wafer dipped in either white or dark chocolate. Rich smooth creamy flavors are enjoyed at the healthier expense. I had the pistachio flavor and the white chocolate with almonds. This ice cream shop seemed to be a favorite amongst the tourist as we heard many different accents walk through this door. This gelato shop was definitely on the top of the list for Jade, Caroline and Erin.




This was enjoyed whilst at Hout Bay. A huge variety of flavors the had Erin panic at the disco to decide which flavor she had wanted. Classic flavors such as bubblegum were offered and unique ones such as honeycomb were also on offer.

hout bay ice cream

– Creamery

Probably the most spoken about ice cream shop in Cape Town. Generous scoops of ice cream is served and yummy different flavors are offered. Some flavors change every week, and there is always a yummy flavor of the month. The Creamery in which we visited was located in Claremont.


-Dairy Den

A spontaneous stop at this shop was made after having to decide what to do as we unfortunately locked ourselves out of our AirBnB but yummy nonetheless. Known for its soft serves and doughnuts. We had fun here, getting in front of the stripped wall and taking all the photos.


Outdoor activities

-Signal Hill

Perfect place to unwind, catch up, drink wine, feel alone as all the romantic couples gather and enjoy the majestic views that Cape Town has to offer. Like the rest of Cape Town, this place is windy – like super windy.


-Lions Head

If you’re in Cape Town, you gotta hike up this mountain. Although somewhat challenging on certain levels it’s hard not to enjoy this hike as everywhere you look there is a beautiful view of the cities and mountains and the beaches. Perfect way to sneak in a little gym session as you body the next day aches and pains a bit.




-Oranjezicht Market

Pay for your veggies by weight, soooo many food stalls and a slight view of the water is just some of the many enjoyments of this market. The lovely thing about this market is that it doesn’t get too full like most places do – maybe we were luckily or maybe it was because of the cold but definitely a goodie.


-Mojo Market

An everyday market that serves some yummy juices, doughnuts and much more. I enjoyed seeing how some of these shops/stalls were super eco-friendly and how everything that they served out of was biodegradable and tried to stay far from plastic as much as they could. Not everything is open but enough for everyone to have an option of what they want (even the fussy eaters).


-V&A Market

This is where I met the love of my life – Unframed. The vegan friendly and so delicious ice cream shop. In the market were also other yummy foods from around the world, people selling rice rolls, mexican favourites, African food and much more. Its hard not to walk out of this place full and smiling. We were too busy eating to remember to take photos.

-Llandudno beach

A poor Jade got herself unexpectedly got wet to her waist from the high tides of this beach. A beautifully calm and relaxing beach. I sat on a rock and enjoyed the water whilst Erin and Jade went to the water to dip their toes. Not knowing exactly how high the tides were, I found myself watching from a rock a HUGE wave, washing along the beach and up on the stairs. I had never seen Caroline and Erin run so fast. Jade unfortunately kind of ran the wrong way and the wave trapped her up against some bushes.


The beach was filled with these little buggers

-Hout Bay (Hout Bay Market too)

Recommended by Jade, we went to Hout Bay to enjoy some Fish on the Rocks. I did skip my being vegetarian day and had some fish and chips because this was known as the place to go to if you want to enjoy a winner winner. The batter was so crisp and the portions were mucho generous. With the water and mountain it was hard not to enjoy this picturesque moment. We then watched the seals as they lay on rocks and floated on the water. The market was filled with lovely people and food. We got to chat to some of the sellers who sold these super awesome backpacks.


-Chapman’s Peak drive

What a beautiful drive. Quite the fee however, R45 at the tollgate was needed in order to drive through to the mountain and enjoy the view and plains, and another R45 was needed to come back through the tolls. Although super beautiful to have seen, the wallet was a bit bruised.




– World Class competition


Luckily on this holiday we got to spend sometime working back (only some) the money that we had all spent too much of. The dates of the competition and our little vacay seemed to work out perfectly and we got to spend extra two nights in Cape Town in order to work the World Class finale and watch a challenge. I call this competition the Olympics of bartending competition just because of all the challenges and drinks that get showcased during this competition. We had one of our very own Evert represent in the competition- who made it into the top 6.


We stayed at the oh so cool and very millennial Radison Red hotel which is just by V&A Waterfront. The staff was super friendly and breakfast impeccable. We got to meet the little mascot of the hotel Baxter – who is super friendly and loves to be loved.

If you cant find Baxter in real life, you can always see him on coffee mugs and chefs jackets

-Freedom of Movement and ThatShoeLady

So feeling like a little splurge on the trip I decided to buy these shoes. I saw them on Instagram and saw that they were running a competition to win them. I tagged every person that I knew but sadly didn’t win them to instead, I bought a pair. These are most probably the most comfortable shoes and look how hip they look. To complement the shoes I bought socks from That Shoe Lady who I had also saw on Instagram. She has all these funky cool socks and I couldn’t resist but buy a couple of pairs when I visited her shop


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