klipriviersberg nature reserve

Its April I know, and we technically missed our March but fear no more we decided that April will have two hikes in one month because you know we’re basically athletes now. So we journeyed off not to far this time in the South of Johannesburg to finally get our 3/12 hike in for the year.

After a midnight dance with some friends the night before, we woke up earlier than expected to make our way to the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve to enjoy the views. We obviously decided to go for the longest hike which ended up being roughly 4.2km. Marks on the trail were easily identified by big stones with arrows on them in different colours for the different trails. There were about 8 other trails marks. We went on the red trail whilst others (people we didn’t know) decided to go on the 8 other trails offered by this place. Did I mention this place is also free? On weekends you get to see you other people who too love to hate the hike as you hear them chitter about how long till the end, groan but in the end enjoy the hike. Some days during the week and dependent on if the weekend falls at the end or the beginning some guided tours along this nature reserve are conducted.

The amigos for this trip Keanu, Dino, Evert, Bradley, Erin, Caroline and AJ (a new amigo that I had met who is too a bartender and now ambassador) all met up at 8AM, looked at routes and started the hike. Caroline’s knee was strong for the hike, Brad only slipped a few times this round, AJ spotted some dussie, Erin and I decided to have a sprint towards the end of the hike and when the going got tough Dino powered in front with Ev leaving us all behind for a little while.  We were all silenced by the steepness of the hike and felt our quads being pushed to the limit. Dont be fooled by the hike, even if you think you’ve reached the top, we were stunned by the fact that there was more up hill to go.

We enjoyed some apples that Evert decided to bring along with him and was much needed after tackling what we thought was the end of the uphill climb (captured above). We decided it was a good place to have a little break taking in the few and sniffing in that oxygen. The downhills were a little scary and I even used a tactic to walk down sides ways slow and steady whilst AJ ran down scaringly with ease. We were sadly disappointed by some looking points that embraced the urban cities instead of the greenery offered by the mountains. By this look out point Erin and I decided to play “Titanic” and we just chatted for a while and relaxed on the giant rocks.

This was definitely a goodie of a hike and the sounds of water made the journey all calming and relaxing and feel like you’re one with nature.

Till the next hike :))

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