tswaing crater

Its the second month of 2018 and that means, the second hike needed to take place. A few weeks ago, a few of us loyal ( to our new years resolutions) soldiers decided to going to the Tswaing Crater hike located in the very hot city of Pretoria.


The drive there seemed to be longer than expected and consisted of a few issues along the way. I have a very bad habit of not charging my phone and not knowing the precise location of where exactly where we were going. About 40 minutes into the drive I informed Keanu and Dino that my phone was on a mighty 2%, unimpressed by my navigation skills and lack of battery, Keanu soon took over that process.

We arrived at the receptionist area in which we had to pay a small fee of R30 (not R25 as most websites have suggested – inflation I presume) and drive another 2km along dirt road before we were by the hiking trail. Tasneem and her amigo in which his name I don’t remember (dont be offended I’m bad at names but good with faces), met up and started the journey. We were welcomed by a man who would show us where the hiking trail started and soon found out that he was staying with us for the duration of the hike. We stopped at different points in which there were some fun facts about the Tswaing Crater and its impact on the land.

The initial part of the hike, felt more like a scenic walk. As we started to increase the amplitude, we soon found ourselves walking up steep hills and skating (yeah because some of us were sliding down the hill). We soon found ourselves by the crater. The water was warm and there was a rather unpleasant smell to it. We were instructed to walk across the shallow waters to the other side, to see the other clues and see how shallow the crater actually is. This 200 000 year old impact was wide in diameter and looked loved with the back drop in the mountain.

The hiking trail was an easy 7.5km and took about 1;45-2 hours to complete ( I wasnt keeping track of time but site does suggest that it takes 2-3 hours to complete on average). It is important to keep water on you (1.5l) and have a super cool hat and some sunblock. The heat proved to get the better of Keanu and I as on the way back in the car, we decided to take a nap whilst Dino was left to entertain himself.

Till the next hike.

All photos were taken by Keanu Batista and the trustee unexpected tour guide lol

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