galentines day

The two behind the amazing baked goods. So good we took the rest as take-aways. Yum

So Valnetine’s Day for me is just known as one of those days that singles out all the single people. Whether you’ve never had a boyfriend/girlfriend, recently broke up with them or just always find yourself watching “Valentine’s Day” alone in your bed with ice cream and some yum popcorn, this day is just not some of our faves. So this year instead of looking forward to the day after Valentines Day (when all the chocolates go on sale), some of the girls and I instead decided to host a Galentines Day, showing each other some (extra) love.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers that I follow, organize a day with their girls and show each other some good loving – whether they’re single or in relationship. So when Karien suggested we have a Valentines Day themed tea at her house, I was quite excited. We were invited by Karien into her household and enjoyed some delicious mini bakes. One of the flavors was chocolate and nuttella while the other was a rose flavored mini cake. We spent most of the day catching up with each other and drinking more than four cups of tea. Random conversations about “Vomit Chimpanzee”, Gang green and so forth were oddly spoken about. We enjoyed laughs and harsh awakenings to how old we are getting.

Later we decided to open up some presents that we got for each other. We each had R 50 to spend in the upcoming week to get our secret Valentine a gift. All the gifts were thoughtful and surprisingly not at all bad. Yes in the time probably the hardest thing to do but yay it came with all the effort of love.

After our bellies and hearts were filled, the day ended and we looked forward to when else we could have fun little gatherings like this with just the girls.

p.s : Sally your presence was definitely missed and we hope that the food poisoning is all gone now x

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