smoothie bowls

The new trend that makes fruit and vegetables look like a delight to eat. This hot new way of eat all your way into a healthy 2018 has been my favorite and I’ve definitely hopped on to this band wagon. Firstly i will just be posting my “smoothie bowl essentials” and then posting 3 of my go to smoothies if I’m not feeling to creative or being rushed by my 8am lecture or by work.

Smoothie bowl essentials

  •  Frozen bananas
  • Avocados (when in season and when they dont cost an arm and a leg)
  • Milk of any form
  • Ice blocks (this varies with each household as I dont know what  size your frezzer does or maybe you have a fancy ice machine :/ )
  • Blender (unless you got some arms of steal)

So the reason for the frozen bananas is just because in every single recipe that I have looked at on Pinterest, they always call for a frozen banana. I never actually followed this rule until one I was like, uhh does it actually make a difference if its frozen or not and my goodness it does. the texture just becomes more rich and thick and best of all colder.

Avocado adds a creamy texture to the smoothie bowls and it feels lighter in your mouth. I was skeptical about this one at first but decided to try it out before i scratch off the bored and you know what its sooo good.

Milk – just to kind of dilute or loosen the mixture up. Having no milk will either make it hard on your blender to blender your fruits and ice smoothly into a nice consistency. Not much is needed – even sometimes just a splash is needed.

My “Go to smoothies”

  • Berry Smoothie
    • 1 frozen banana
    • 1 cup of frozen berries from Woolworths
    • a few ice blocks (this varies with each household as I don’t know what  size your freezer does or maybe you have a fancy ice machine :/ )
    • Half a cup of rice milk
    • Sprinkle of Jungle Oats (maybe 1/3 of a cup)

  • Green Machine
    • 1 frozen banana
    • Half an avocado
    • Half a cup of rice milk
    • 1 cup of baby spinach
    • few mint springs
    • few blocks of ice


  • Blueberry Wander
    • 1 frozen banana
    • half an avocado
    • half a cup of blueberries
    • few ice blocks
    • half a cup of rice milk

Go crazy with your toppings. get whatever you have at home and use it. Because I bake often at home, I do have a few random stuff in my house – shaved coconut, poppyseeds, coconut shavings and more. Easy go to for toppings are maybe the fruit you used in your smoothie bowls (berries, bananas etc), granola, nuts and raisins and yeah what you want to make it look pretty and appetizing.

Lots of my smoothie bowls are inspired by Danelle Joubert and sometimes some ideas from Pinterest. If you don’t want to add milk/ milk alternatives you could easily replace it with water and you will still get the same consistency. Im going to start adding Wazoogles into my bowls just to get that extra bit of yum and health into the smoothie bowls and maybe get in some nutrients that i didnt know i needed.

Sooo keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts.


P.S – my featured image was not taken by me and was a result of a Google image search 🙂 #transparency

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