So Angus and Julia Stone finally came to South Africa and damn what a way to start the year off and end the first month of January. Parklife made the announcement last year and and 2 days after that I bought my ticket before i came into January broke and sad.

The day started off pretty tricky. Was it hot, was it cold? Long pants, shorts pants, jacket, no jacket – good gracious my brain was frazzled. By the time I left the house with Keanu, it was oddly cold and so wearing my lacey-mesh shirt with my Doc Martens (God, I love saying that) and long black pants seemed ideal. However, when i got to Marks Park, it was super sunny and all the regrets were made when the sun hit my all black outfit – but it was fine i looked cute.

They say the most import meal of the day is breakfast, but its not – the most important meal of the day is the one you take before you start drinking. So first thing we decided to do was get some goodies in our tummy before quenching our thirst. After which we headed off to watch Josh Kempen – who is always a goodie to watch where we met the rest of the gang. Which included a good portion of my favorites – Paul, Andrea, Caroline, Lawrence, Rubina, Danielle (yes – you’re one of my faves), Lourens and many more who I met along the way.

After Josh Kempen, the plan was to go to the bathroom and then go and watch Alice Phoebe Lou, Desmond and the Tutus and the last but not least ANGUS AND JULIA STONE!! But as the gals and I were walking towards the bathroom, we heard a very familiar Desmond and the Tutu song and realized they were on now and suddenly we didn’t need to go to the bathroom anymore. Instead we ran to the front left of the stage and enjoyed ourselves as we danced to Teenagers and a few other bangers. There we met up with Beth, Iain and Dave.

Their set ended and we started sneaking our way towards the front to be as close as possible to the front of the stage. A row behind the front, we were stuck behind a girl that was reading her book and a few other dedicated people who sat on the floor and waited. Alice Phoebe Lou started off her set. She wasn’t an artist that I am familiar with and so I gave her a good listen and quite frankly enjoyed her stuff.

After Phoebe Lou’s set, we waited impatiently for the show stoppers. ANGUS WALKS ON STAGE and best believe your girl was screaming her lungs out, then followed JULIA and the rest of the squad I screamed even more. Their set was a goodie and definitely left me wanting more. Some popular songs like Chateau played and some stuff from their older like Big Jet Plane played as well. So Danielle called me stupid for this but guys the biggest shock of the year (already? I know right.) was that Angus and Julia are brother and sister and NOT lovers. See work with me here, I thought because their music is so heartfelt and romantic and all the wow that that could’ve only come from people who are in love – like you know sexually. Sadly for me, the set was way to short :((. People yelled excitedly for them to come back but no they obviously couldn’t. Ah wish we could’ve had the whole day with them to play more of their songs that i wanted to hear.

All in all it was a goodie of a day and so happy that I was there with the people I love, watching the people I love.

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