so 2017

Can i say for one, this year has definitely been better than 2016. Less breakdowns, more sass and i finally got some goals that I’ve been saying every year. Instead of focusing on the things that i didnt accomplish this year, I am gonna be going through the 12 months of the year and reflecting on some positives that I experienced in each month – big or small.



I luckily got to spend the beginning of the year with one of my best friends and was in the USA. I got to experience snow for the first time this year. I definitely felt like a little kid when i got to see this and loved every moment of being in the snow. Lots of posts made about my trip in Seatle, Bremerton and a few other places visited which you can read upon here 

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This is when my 2 month adventure in America ended, as much as i hated to leave, i feared that staying would result in me gaining more weight just because American portions are huge and i was on holiday and blah blah blah. Seattle was lovely but it was good to be home and back to my normal sized portions.


This was the month in which i decided, that “Second Year Shred” needs to start. I had gained a bit of weight in my first year of university and going to America didnt really help on that. So what i did was sign up to a weight loss place called Weighless in which their main focus is on portion control and knowing your body.

Also realised that Danielle makes the best rice krispie treats known to man and i still salivate every time i think about them but also get angry because like she hasnt made more ever since :/


Mountain Sanctuary with the lads was definitely a goodie.



My cousin Masandi, finally after roughly 10 years got married to the love of her life. I was one of the bridesmaids and felt super honored to be part of her special day and could help her take part in making her so happy. From her weekend getaway to making an impromptu speech at her wedding.


Frisbee tournament in Howick. Spent a few days playing some intense frisbee, got to swim by a waterfall and party party with the squad.


First time i decided that letting people know that i sometimes blog on the occasion. I’m not very good letting people know on what i do and so decided if i do want this to get anywhere i have to put myself out there.

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Got on a plane and spent 3 amazing weeks in Portugal with Keanu and Dino. The memories from this trip make me laugh every time. Ate my body weight in pastel de natas and enjoyed some “authentic Portuguese food”. Hoping to visit this place again and a few others next year.

Lisbon, Portugal


Came back from my holiday to having passed all my mid year exams and i was pretty much chuffed with myself because i actually did quite well. Yay!




I won a thing on Instagram! By a thing i mean a FitBit and a pretty rose gold one. This has been super amazing since i started my fitness journey in March and this just meant that I could get more smoothies when I went to the gym and see how many calories i burnt.



Womens Nationals tournament with the Frisbaes! Whoop whoop! This team who had never played together became invisible after implementing the wall.



One week of holiday and spent it with all my faves on some spontaneous adventures at Goodluck Bar!

My confidence grew more

The vagina shop was a cool feature at Wits on East Campus.



OPPI FUCKING KOPPI! This year I got to see one of my all time faves, Two Door Cinema Club and a recent love Flume. Flume quickly changed my view on DJ’s – that some of them are lazy to be quiet frank. If flume can play such a killer list, have sick visuals and have stage presence thats out of this world to can everyone else!

Also got to celebrate Carolyn’s birthday in the cutest way possible – High Tea.


Posted my first recipie thing on my blog about marshamallows and i was chuffed how much everyone enjoyed them!

Beat two teams at Rocktober and that was pretty cool.



Exams came and gone. Proud of how I handled myself. Organisation skills were on point, From trying to keep up with the busy season of Molecular Bars, to the intense gruesome time with exams and trying to organise my 21st party.

Spent a lot more time developing friendships here with a buddy Iain before he left for his super cool European trip.


Got a new doggo :)))



I made it to another year (on the 5th of December to be exact). One year older, one notch sassier and a whole lot grateful for the friends and family. Im seeing my babes Masandi and Zano this year – which always makes me happy!

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Got to be here for the Molecular Christmas party which was nothing short of a Molecular gathering.


Karientjie came home finally after 4 months in Paris.

Friendship Christmas lunches/late dinners (definitely going to become a yearly thing)

The flourishing of Erin and I’s friendship with all the gin, gossips and of course gym

All the stuff in purple are links to blog posts about these certain events in my life! Enjoy the read!

All in all it seems like 2017 was such a goodie of a year and I have loved all the ups and downs (eh not really the downs but you know what i mean) that have come with it. Theres so much more that i have missed. Like the different flavours of Pauls Homemade Ice Cream,  learning how to change a tyre, all the parking lot chats with Thato, Palesa, Lulu, all my Monday lunch dates with Carolyn, banter with Jenna in philosophy and all the laughs shared on phone calls, frisbee fields, everyone else’s 21st birthday shenanigans and so much more.

Im excited for a new year, with new resolutions and more memories to be made and documented 🙂

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