I’m 21!

I’ve been 21 for a while now – ten days now to be exact. I’ve celebrated being 21 even before i was 21, when I turned 21 and a little after I turned 21. Its always times like these when I am truly grateful for my family and friends that i have made and that people deal with my sass and weirdness so well.

November 24th (the early celebration)

This was the day in which all the festivities for my special day was planned. It started at 3 at Zoolake Bowls in which we could enjoy sun downers, some good tunes (although some probably should’ve been checked before i plugged in my aux whoops) and some tasty food. Gin and tonics were no surprise the drinks of the day and night. Overall it was a goodie of the time, not because of the people who operate Zoolake Bowls (i think the only good people in the staff is are the waitress/waiters), but because of the kind words said by Caroline, Sian and Carolyn and the special words from my parents and an impromptu speech by my brother lol and of course the presentation by Thato.

All the challenges faced by the management of Zoolake was quickly pushed to the back of my head, as friends and family ensured that i had a good time and were spoilt with all the presents and many drinks that i had received. Although an amazing night that ended at 10pm (because yo gurl thought she was a tank but actually lol), i would personally not recommend to anyone that they have their special celebrations there. They’re still “new” and trying to figure out how to run things.

December 5th (the actual celebration)

Sharing a birthday with so many people (okay I’m being dramatic its like only 4 people), is both a blessing and curse. Yes, whoop whoop its your birthday and people wish you a happy birthday and what not but now you also have to remember to wish the other person a happy birthday, and not make one Facebook/Instagram post more special than the other – ah the logistics.

My special day started off with cloudy weather and rain – which in my head is perfect because i love the rain and its one of the perks of why i would want to live in the UK, but in reality all I’ve wanted is just some sunny days and to be in shorts and a shirt. This weather however, was perfect for my little annual trip to Nice on 4th. Every year, for 2/3 years now, I’ve gone to this little cute breakfast shop to enjoy a good half n half breakfast with a cuppachino. This year i decided to bring on the bests with me to celebrate this day – Keanu, Erin, Caroline, Carolyn and Sian. The staff at Nice are always so nice and when they found out it was my birthday, proceeded to decorate the table with not your average napkins and gave me cute little cupcakes with a sparkler! Yay!! I received some more nice presents on this day and a book that got me all teary (takes a lot for me to cry – I didnt even cry in Marley and Me).

The day continued as we celebrated my other twins birthday (not biological) in an indoor picnic at the Potterton’s house. We laughed about guesses made in the game 30 Seconds, the competitiveness of Danielle, the obvious answers in which some of us shouldve gotten and the excitement that came with whichever team won.


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