mud in october

Oppi Koppi Music Festival – usually known for its dust and heat decided it was gonna be a little different this year. Instead of dust there was rather a shit ton of rain which meant mud and shongolos (which resulted in me crying and having my heart beat faster than it needs to). I cried happy tears too though from watching Two Door Cinema Club and Flume.

The famous naked run took place regardless of the slippery mud

This rather unplanned (everything was only planned the week of) adventure started off with a drive down on the Thursday morning. It was meant to be a bright and early day in which we leave at 9 and get there at about 12. But because I went with Danielle and Kirsty we only ended up leaving at my house at 10 and still had to make a u-turn because i forgot my sneecks and 1.5l of Four Cousins rose. We finally set foot on the open road with killer tracks to get us pumped as the weather was rather shitty and friends that were already at Oppi warned us about the rain. Danielle was a killer on the road. Overtaking any slow driver (where possible), doing sneaky triple overtakes and having her ref count reach the red zone. In spite of this i felt very safe in her car.


We eventually met with our campers who were huddled up in their tent as it was raining when we arrived. We watched people slip and fall as we drove in and contemplated when exactly was the best time to unpack and get shit done. With a small window of no rain we decided to better hurry up and get the tent up as we were too reserving spaces for other friends who were only arriving later that afternoon and on the Friday.

The line-up for the day was pretty chilled and was a good way to settle in and get used to the rain. We jammed to artists such as Beatenburg, Boxer (who is always such a jam) and spent a sneaky set or two at the Redbull Stage (which to be honest didn’t tickle my fancy)

Friday was a super exciting day – the sun was out even though there were clouds it was a fine day sir. Food was in order and so we got food, and chilled for the day up until the artists (known and unknown) started playing. Met up with a lot of friends in which with some people i only saw once and others, i saw way too many times lol. My hips moved along to a new band discovery called Bye Beneco. The main singer is probably the coolest person I’ve ever met. Sol Gems was also a new band discovery for me. Mafikizolo surprisingly surprised me by their cool vibes on stage and i found myself jamming to their music with a schwarma in my hand.

The headliner for the evening was The Naked and (the) Famous in which was super cool. I never really listened to them except for that one song called Young Blood which is played in every single coming of age movie and so when that song came on i was chuffed when i knew the words.

Soon after Two Door Cinema club set foot on stage and i must admit i cried a little. I was super bummed when i came back from America and realized that they were playing in the CITY I WAS STAYING AT. So when I saw them all on stage for the first time, I was pretty excited. Their set was pretty much on point. I felt like they went inside my head and played every single song i wanted them to play. From Undercover Martyn to Lavender – good mix of old and new). This set was pretty intense – I would say. The rain was doing its thang and just looked so cool and felt like a movie moment but sadly when they walked off stage – I realized how useless my raincoat is and was soooo damn cold.


Saturday had me feeling a little tired due to the fact that i think i only got like 6 hours of sleep (lol maybe even less but i cant remember.). I woke up to have seen that some idiot stole my gumboots :(((. I was very unimpressed. The day was spent watching artists like Grassy Spark,Stephane Marais, We are Charlie and so forth. Sadly this year I couldn’t watch the Kiffness as they were the same time as Flume and yoh me i was sad. However, it was a really good day filled with good line-ups. Mother nature blessed up with a warm evening and not even my jacket was needed and shorts were worn.

unnamed (4)


Flume was the main headliner (for me anyway) for the evening and YOH. I cant even put into words how much of a party it was. I hate watching DJs mainly because its just them and their set and a few fist pumps here and there and eh no thanks mate. But Flume DJ’d on stage as well as have sick visuals and lighting in the background. His stage presence was phenomenal and you know i was actually sad when he had to finish up.

As soon as that was done, went for a sneaky visit to watch Joey Bada$$ who was super deep. His lyrics go on about white supremacy and the suffering of black people due to discrimination and the lack of freedom in which is sill being faced by many black Americans (and South Africans) to this day. It was liberating. “Fuck White Supremacy” -drops South African flag-. After this I huddled back to the tent which was wet sadly from the night before and couldn’t bear the thought of sleeping on that so i didn’t and went to snuggle up with Ali in her tent lol.

Till next year – where its hopefully sunny and less cars get stuck in the mud.


some photos taken by some cool cat by the name of Danielle Grobbelaar

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  1. Roselinde says:

    Never heard of a mud festival, haha šŸ˜‰

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