fabb cafe & gelato

Is this another post about ice cream? Yes.

But it does also include the yummy food that Sinead and I ate whilst here. Plus ice cream is always a good idea to eat and to talk about.


Fabb Cafe & Gelato is a cute little shop that opened on the oh so lovely and busy 4th Avenue in Parkhurst. Although tiny, it’s hard not to miss this place due to its blue, flowery patterned gazebo and if you don’t see that, well it’s located opposite the well-known milkshakes and burger place – Craft. There is always a rotation of different flavors and so if you easily get bored like me then you will definitely won’t get bored with these traditional, flavorful milky goodness.


A friend of mine, Sinead and I went to go for a catch-up here and decided to since we were starving that we should most likely have lunch first. We ordered a very light and budget-friendly open sandwich. It had chicken, mayonnaise, avocado and was all topped off with parmesan shavings – YUM!  To say the least, the whole menu isn’t priced bad at all. They serve yummy breakfast and light lunches up until 3:30pm and GELATO THE WHOLE DAY AND NIGHT till about 10pm lol. While there are other things on the menu such a fluffy scones and buttery croissants, we couldn’t bear to have any more food after gelatos. I opted for biscotti flavor whilst Sinead (my lactose intolerant friend to emphasize) enjoyed her chili chocolate-flavored gelato.



DSC_0017 The day was sunny and right and thoroughly enjoyed. We laugh ate and ate and ate some more but at the end of the day, it was much needed.


If you wanna catch up with someone or just get some ice cream I do recommend this place and you can find them at 34 4th Avenue, Parkhurst (or like I said opposite Craft ((: )


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