crumbs & cream

As you can tell by now, being obsessed with ice cream is a clear understatement when it comes to describing my love of ice cream, this is probably the 3rd or 4th post or reference to ice cream I have made whilst writing all my blog post. With ice cream sandwiches being a really big and popular thing in South Africa, it was about damn time that Crumbs and Cream finally decided to open their doors in Johannesburg.

The cute little store is located on the corner of Illovo and is walking distance to some of the places I love – Wolves and Perron and a sneaky Andiccio pizza. The first time I had embarked was with my cousin Zano, who I miss dearly and wish she was here so we can go on spontaneous adventures. She’s currently in America and gets back on the 6th of Junes (ques in the happy dancing). Lol back to the ice cream.

Crumbs and Cream is known for its signature ice cream sandwiches. The cookies are made daily and the aromas fill the room and you can’t help but want to walk in (even if you’re on a diet). The loveliest part about this place is that a. There’s a cute little swing in which your inner kid jumps out almost immediately as you enjoy your favorite ice cream whilst rocking back and forth. b. If you a vegan, then don’t stress – this place caters to you too with its vegan cookies and dairy free ice cream. c. There is a gluten ice cream. So yay all my friends are welcome.

Definitely, a place that I will be visiting more often and enjoying in both summer and winter!

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