bridal shower weekend

So after roughly 13 years of my cousin and her boyfriend keeping it casual and dating, he finally proposed to her and celebrations were and still in full swing (well for them anyway because they are experiencing their honeymoon as we speak in Italy and the Maldives – I’m super jelly). With the wedding a week away, the celebrations started off with a beautiful bridal shower at my aunt’s house and ended off at the Vaal.



My cousin is known for throwing amazing celebrations and even though this was a casual event, it didn’t mean that this would be any less of a party. My aunt has this amazing garden which is perfect for her Pinterest-inspired drinking and finger food eating vibe in which we sit on the floor, jam to old Beyonce and listen to the stories of how they met and what the wedding would look like. ME, being the bartender of the crowd made mojitos which is one of my favorite cocktails and thankfully the easiest to make. My cousin (the bride) had been very stressed due to her dress, having her sister in America and maid of honor working every day, that I  decided to put myself in the maid of honor role that I too find myself stressed but had to make sure that she was happy and stress-free.


I think i did a good job at that.




This day started off bright and way too early considering the amount of mojitos and champagne that everyone drank on Friday. We had an appointment for a spa treatment in the Vaal and that meant that we had to leave Johannesburg at about 10 am. EVERY SINGLE person was late and we were NOT surprised. Being the slight bridezilla, my cousin threatened us all in saying that if we weren’t there on time that, that we wouldn’t be getting that spa treatment. A friend of my cousins started the day off right by having Jameson by the time we got on the bus – and although I’m a student that was still very impressive. We had a killer playlist in the car and songs that I even knew and songs that I didn’t know but loved anyway. She’s not old lol we just have different taste in music sometimes lol.


We arrived at a beautiful resort in which we received a lovely neck, back, and foot massage. WOW was it needed because my stress was taking over me and I was in desperate need for some relaxation. The lovely surprise of the message that we received was that it involved hot rocks and they took the message to the next level.

The house in which we were staying the night over was magical. Probably the most beautiful house that I have ever stayed in and I was surprised when I found out that it was listed on Airbnb and not a fancy resort or something of the latter. The only issue was trying to get from the entrance of the gate to the house. Due to the rain that occurred maybe a few days before, the roads were muddy and so we got stuck in the mud. We tried so hard to get out – and by we, it was Thando (maid of Honour) and the bus driver who put their hands in the mud and got real down and dirty. The rest of us stayed in the car and the others pretended to be helping but were instead walking around and taking photos. Thank goodness for someone who had driven by and decided to help us but curse the people who said they were going to help us but didn’t.

Already having started the drinking in the bus, we continued to do so when we arrived, unpacked got dressed and comfortable for the evening ahead. The food was also prepared and the lovely feast of braaied meat, potato salad and all the other deliciousness of food came along with it and we sat and talked, listened to music.  Due to the festivities of the night before, I couldn’t continue jamming to the late nights as the Mary Jay was consumed and it was literally the strongest I have ever had – BUT WOW IT WAS AHHHMAZING! The bride and a few others made it to the next day while other snoozed. I was woken up to watch the beautiful sunrise and it was strange feeling because even though I have seen many before, it was still oh so very beautiful and mesmerizing to watch.


The day we had to say goodbye to this beautiful place and return to our ordinary lives. Magical weekend it was and we are definitely going back to this place, not for the service but because of the views in which place offered.

cover photo was taken by the talented Zuzi – you can go have a look at some of her stuff here

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