treat yo’self

Sometimes being an adult can be overwhelmingly confusing and stressful. You have to make your own appointments, email your lecturers and drive yourself up the world with other factors in life. I’ve been feeling really down lately and have been crying a lot. It’s obviously been shown in my lack of blog-posting that something about me hasn’t been right and so to try help my mood I decided to “treat myself”.

My day started kind of rocky as yes, of course, I was crying (again – it’s okay I will be fine soon enough) and so I decided to sleep in till 11:30 am and try again start my day a bit better this time. I woke in a better mood and decided that I was going to go out and start treating myself

I jet-setted (not a word but oh well) off in an Uber to Sandton and decided that I would buy a few much needed “essentials”. I’m not a big makeup fan but will definitely buy the few basics such as foundation, eyeliner, and other impulsive items. I started off my day in an Italian store which I thought was called MINA but is actually called 3ina. It has some really good cheap quality items but unfortunately had no foundation for any African skinned toned woman which actually made me sad because I was really looking forward to getting one from there.  Anyway, I had been meaning to get a lipstick – I think they look good on people but I don’t know if I have the confidence to pull it off. The woman had eventually convinced me to get a really nice deep red color in which I will hopefully wear in next blog post or sometime soon. The other item that I bought from there was a black eyeliner because who doesn’t need eyeliner these days.

From 3INA I decided to treat myself to a good lunch and order some sushi from a fancy restaurant called the Big Mouth. I will not lie, this restaurant is very much on the pricey end of the spectrum but hey this was a “treat yo’self’ kind of day and so I did. The waiters are lovely and the food is better. I decided to order the SUV which is one of the many signatures dishes. I thoroughly enjoyed the welcome bread. It was a little on the big side for just one person eating it but it was enjoyed non-the-less. My favorite part is that at the end when you pay for your food, you get a little jar of kettle corn (which I don’t like – eh) but it looks cute!

In between the make-up and the food, I had stopped to buy some earrings from Lovisa (one of my impulsive buys) and mousse instead from Clicks.

I didn’t walk out of Sandton feeling like all my troubles had been dealt with and I was happy again but it was a good distraction. My mood is still lurking a bit but with positive thinking and more days like these, I’m sure I will feel super in no time.





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