summary of washington

The one thing I missed about being home (South Africa) is the summer sun and was super looking forward to seeing it when I got home. However, mother nature had thought that maybe I hadn’t received enough of the cloudy weather and so decided to make me wait a bit till I could see the sun again. This weather has inspired this blog post today as I sit here and reflect on 2 months of living in Washington and what were some of my highlights while there.

Here are my top moments of being in this wonderful state!

plane rides

As annoying as the long hours are, the one thing that I found that made the trip a little less uncomfortable and annoying is some of the lovely views of the that you get to experience whilst looking outside your window. I love looking at the city get tinnier and tinnier and soon dissolving into a white cloud. Sometimes I saw lovely mountains and on other rides, I had seen little islands in the middle of water as we descended from the air.

snow, snow and so much snow – link to blog post here

My snow cherry was finally popped and I felt almost 10 years younger when I visited saw this for the first time.

hikes and the beautiful scenery

Washington has so many trees, water and as a result many many hiking trails. The hiking trails that I was on were extremely beautiful and some had a bit of death-defying elements as they were really steep. The nice thing was that you got a workout and a lovely listen on all the natural sounds nature has to offer.


As described in my “about page” I am a big lover of sushi. Something about the unique blends of rice, seaweed, raw fish, sushi mayo (which is so lovely and the thing that keeps me going) and other blends melt perfectly in my mouth and make me so happy. The thing about Jo:a is that because I was in America, the sushi portions were bigger than ever and wow, did my eyes go big.

pikes place market – link to blog post here

I always kept coming back just because the energy of Pikes Place was always magical and made your heart and energy shoot up.


different cities (bainbridge island, poulsbo and port townsend)

Every city is uniquely different. Bainbridge Island had more of a country feel. Poulsbo is known for being the city of the Vikings and Port Townsend had a beautiful beach and lighthouse that made the town even more beautiful.


the center of town – seattle

Here, I got to experience what being a tourist really feels like because I got to adventure off to places such as the space needle, glass garden museum and much more!

mora ice cream

I have a tiny obsession with ice-cream so obviously, 47 different flavors of ice cream made this girl smile.

Washington is a place I would recommend that everyone goes to, whether you’re more a city girl or someone who enjoys the great outdoors. Luckily I am a girl of both and I enjoyed this place far more than blogs have suggested. If it were up to me, I would have a whole long running list of the things I did in Washington and why it such a beautiful place but alas I must leave it for you to explore.

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