snow (& lots of it)

Coming from South Africa, I barely experience any form of snow and if we do its so little that we still have to go to school. Whilst being here in Washington, I have experienced snow and felt so young that i was going to lay in the ground and make a snow angel.

Here are a few things i learnt whilst wandering in the snow:

  • Fashionable boots are probably not a good idea (unless they have good ridges). The amount of times i slipped and almost fell was too much but did cause some giggles.


  • Sometimes people use the term “fresh powder” to describe snow that has just fallen.
  • It doesnt feel as cold as it looks.
  • Making a snow man is so much harder than what the TV shows suggest – i watched a little boy roll his little snow man and it didn’t look anywhere as close to round as I’ve always imagined.
  • Tasting the snow is mandatory (just to make sure it is snow)


  • Some trees look absolutely pretty whilst other give me the hibby-jibbees. The sharp contrast in color and pattern caused by the branches really do make what i think are some scary results in the end.


  • OH THE TRESS! Probably the most important for any first-time snow experiencer (word doesn’t not exist lol) and probably should’ve gone first in this fancy list. The weight of the snow causes the tress to break in half and fall on the road. Roughly 50m away from where i was, a tree had started to snap,crackle and pop and before i knew it i saw most of the tree crash on to the floor.


The best part of all this is how beautiful the trees look. I was in such awe seeing how the different trees held the snow together and how the white seemed to make the trees prettier than what they were originally (in a different way).

Just like me, when you’re all done with snow due it getting into your boots, you cant help but skip on home. My inner child was very happy today.


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