seattle part 2

After spending almost a month now living like the locals, I decided to dedicate my day to being an absolute tourist. Visiting the amazing sites of the Space Needle, Glass Museum, Pikes Place Market (again), Gum Wall and literally just walked around to my heart’s content and absorbing things around me.

We started the day nice and early (i lied, it was hard and took us even longer to get ready – not your typical early birds) and headed off to the city of Bremerton so that we could catch the 8:45 am ferry. It was a scramble as we tried to pay for the ticket for parking and walked slightly faster when we saw people boarding the ferry in the distance – luckily we had gotten a seat and relaxed.

The one thing that everyone must know about Washington, is that the weather is super unpredictable and so when the universe opened the skies and stopped the winds that were monstrously cold when we stepped foot, I was thanking the heavens and happy that today was going to be a good day.


The day started off in the weird and often the spoken topic of the Gum wall. We luckily came early enough that I could look at all the strange pieces of gum before it got crowded. Post-Alley is known for having quirky stores and the wall. Some people spend their time making art things on the wall whilst other do the usually adding of their own piece of gum.


Pikes Place Market will always be a place I visit whenever I am in Seattle, because of the energy of the people from each stall and the colors that just bounce off each other. Since watching a new cooking series called “Chef’s Table” (a must see by the way), I’ve been obsessed even more now with going to markets and looking at the fresh produce that’s available fresh. There are many gifts and souvenirs that you can buy whilst looking and wondering around. Things like the flowers and certain fruits and vegetables are super cheap and others not so much mainly because they are really good quality and know tourists will be there.


When Pinterest-ing things to do in Seattle, the Space Needle was recommended by many blogs and tourism sites. Although my companion was afraid of heights, for some odd reason I was not too keen to get on to this one. The skies were still slightly gray and so the view wouldn’t have been as lovely as everyone bragged about.

Visiting the Chihuly Garden Museum is definitely a must for anyone who is in the city. The pieces in the museum are unbelievably beautiful and I was in amazement on how beautiful things can be made sand that has been heated up, pulled and blown. Dale Chihuly is the designer, experimenter, and artist behind each glass pieces. Although I didn’t really agree with how much the tickets were, I did really feel like I was in a different world when I was here.



If you’re a South Africam who enjoys doughnuts the way they’re supposed to be made (sorry not a fan of how Krispy Kreme makes them), then you have to go to Top Pot Doughnuts. Not only are they made right but they have unique and class flavors that just made you smile like a little kid again. The people behind the register were super friendly and had told me about different places to go ((:

With almost 21 000 steps under the belt, we headed to relax and eat so much needed food. We headed off to Red Sedar and Sage. The restaurant was surrounded with glass panes and so we enjoyed the view as the sun shone through the trees. The food here is something that will suit everyone’s taste buds.

Last but not least, we decided to be all cute and weird and get on the Great Wheel and have a view of the whole city before we left to go back home. I won’t lie, the city kind of looked like any other city mainly because all cities are the same – although it did have its own kind of beauty. The view you have of the water, however, is beautiful especially has the sun is setting and you see all the boats and the birds it’s something kind of magical.


Today was a super fun day and if anyone has the chance to visit Washington then do so, don’t only go to Seattle and do the tourist things but have explored the trails and other places that Washington has to offer.

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