port townsend, wa

Sometimes in life you have to let things upset you and steer your plan out of the way to actually have a good time – weird I know but something I’ve learned today. I was upset and then by the end of the day I was smiling more than I think I would have if things went to plan and of course because of the great company I was with.




Today’s adventure was 1 hour and roughly 30-minute drive up north to Port Townsend. The drive there was beautiful and the houses and the cars were absolutely to die for. I fell in love with several cars on the way there and thinking of getting one of those over anything in my top 10 list to buy. We ventured off to the lighthouse which old military battery and housing were available in the olden days. As mentioned earlier, our mission was to venture off to the lighthouse which meant we had to walk on a beach (the first I have seen whilst being here that you could swim in) to get there. This was quite the special walk as it was the first one that I could cross off my list of types of walks I like on the beach – the romantic kinds.


The sun beautifully hung over the sea and giggles filled the air as saw seagulls trying to fly against the winds. The winds blew hard and some forms of birds that are used to the cold looked as if they were as cold as we were – shame poor birds. The beach felt was a color that I haven’t seen before but it was quickly explained to me that it was probably mixed with what was left from the volcanic rocks – and that’s why it was a brown-black form of sand.

After a good long walk on the sand, we accidentally bumped into the Battery Kinzie building that was used in the 1900’s. It was used for battle and war and required a monstrous 51 men to operate it. It was open to the public to explored and so I couldn’t help but want to go look at it (and because Zach really wanted to go and see it).


After a day at the beach, we couldn’t help but have a craving for seafood and so we went into the old town to go to the Lighthouse Cafe which offered yummy food. The day ended off nicely with a warm cup of coffee whilst we cruised back home.


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