the dancing brush – poulsbo

Firstly welcome to 2017!! Yay the dreaded horrors of 2016 are behind us and I am so happy to be starting a new and finally starting a blog post continuing my adventure in the United States

The land is known for its aesthetic. This little town is made to make you feel as though you are in the medieval century with its olden day’s pubs and antique shops, however, keeping it modern by having places like Mora, art galleries and much more to keep those who do and don’t love the Viking era.

I have been here numerous times mainly because as posted earlier I love their ice cream, all the little shops that they have to offer and for little dates in order to enjoy the Italian cuisine and the company that comes along with. Today, however, was spent differently and it made me feel young again.


If anything, I am not a big fan of this whole adulting thing – mostly because it’s stressful and people put pressure on to you to feel like you have to know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life when you’re not even living out your parents’ houses yet.  So in the agenda for today I went to the Dancing Brush.

The Dancing Brush is a place that has a killer playlist as I found myself singing along to all the classics of the early 2000s and a good spot to paint some pottery. I decided that I would get creative and paint and milk bottle. I had been in the shop before and thought of all these ideas on how I would make this milk bottle all about the cows but alas the process was harder than I thought and it turned out alright (i guess). If you’re not someone who loves being with a lot of people while in your element I would recommend you go during the week and during the daytime (it also allows for fewer people to judge your singing if you do lose yourself in the music)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

You can find this cute little store here:

18846 Front St NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370


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