seattle – part 1

The city on a hill – not only do you get a kicker of a workout but being in this beautiful city but you get to fulfill you little curious mind of what this city has to offer with a long-lasting smile on your face at the end of the day.

So as you know by now Washington is really cold in the winter time, at some times its raining or snowing or at other times its deceitful because sometimes the sun will come out you would THINK its a beautiful day but alas there is wind and that cute outfit you planned is now hidden by your monstrous jacket lol. Today was one of those deceitful days and with the sun peeking through our windows, a trip through to the Pike Place Market seemed like a good idea.


I complained a lot earlier but that’s only because I’m allergic to the cold (i lie, I only love it when I have a cuddle partner and layered enough to be warm and cozy). Today I rode the ferry for the first time and it was somewhat magical. On your left (dependant on where you’re sitting, of course) is the view of a beautiful mountain scenery with a drizzle of snow at the top with the trees in the forefront and on your right is view of beautiful (and expensive -cough cough-) houses by the lake and the view of the city getting bigger and bigger the closer you get.

Being the typical tourist I wanted to go outside and take as many photos as possible whilst enjoying the moment and taking it all in – BUT it was so cold due to the fact it was 0 degree Celcius and the speed of ferry intensified that of the bitterness of the wind – it’s safe to say that in the battle of tourism vs cold that the cold won.

After finally setting foot on to Seatle “gravel”, I was smiling like a little kid eager for this adventure. One thing I have been eager to visit is this market because it’s more than one floor AND AND AND has the nicest smelling food (fresh and raw) and ambiance because people in Washington are just super. This place was so big that I hadn’t even visited all the stalls and shops and therefore calls for a second trip very soon. -fist pumps the air in celebrations-

The aromas and chitter chatter of the people inside greet you as walk inside. Be warned there also lots of people around and so beware to just walk without a care in the world and say sorry here and there :)). If you are traveling with people learn to acquire some patience because like me if you get distracted by pretty things you will be either stopping a lot or losing me because I sometimes forget to use my words when addressing people.

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