journeys in the forest

Washington is a very green-friendly state that has lovely rivers, dams and hiking trails in which you can take. Growing up in a city doesn’t give me (maybe you too) much opportunities to go exploring (especially by being a girl who loves the outdoors but isn’t a big fan of bugs)

The journey started off with a coffee and muffin run because whats a journey without the essentials? (don’t answer that). So in the car with my trusted travel buddy (because i cant drive my own – they drive on the wrong side of the country here and so it would be scary for me), we set foot and went to a fabulous drive around the peninsula and to Dewatto.

We made a few stops along the way to look at the water and just enjoy the sounds of nature. People know me as the loud person as I’m always chatting away or making weird sounds come out my mouth. There was not a single car in the road but ours and so the silence was so crisp it was enjoyable. It was strange feeling being all curious about the world again. My brain was curious as a child. I was looking left and right trying to get in all that i could whilst discovering this beautiful place.

If you do have the urge to get away from the city life just for an hour or two, just do it (dont let your dreams be dreams lol). This little get away was honestly the most enjoyable because I’m so used the city life and it was so nice getting away from every sound im used to hearing.5e0b2a80-51b6-42e2-845a-f6ef96aabef9

How beautiful is the reflection on the water and the reflections?


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