mora – yummy ice cream

As you could tell by my other posts about ice cream you probably have a good idea of how much I love ice cream and so the first thing I did after attempting to master this jet-lag was to get a nice scoop of Mora Ice Creamery – the ice cream that has been bragged about on the interwebs and the special people that I am currently living with.

This little cute shop is found in a corner in Poulsbo, WA and is known for having 48 different types of unique and classic ice cream flavors. The flavors may change according to the different seasons or holidays and so in total, there is most likely way more than 48 different flavors to this shop. If I’ve had a similar flavor before, then there’s a high chance that I won’t be having the flavor again. For example, the classic vanilla, chocolate and maybe even strawberry are just a few delicious and yummy flavors that I would rather have at home while watching a movie rather than go out and eat it. Although the weather was slightly chilly (it was probably below 0 degrees Celsius), I thought hey let’s get ice cream – I mean they are best served chilled anyway.

Boats along the pier

I oddly went for the seasonal flavor of Goats Cheese and figs (show in the featured image). I’ve never had a goats cheese anything really and have heard it being used a lot in MasterChef Australia in the recent season and so I was curious to what it could entail. I surprisingly loved it and was super glad that I was in America because boy did I get myself a US sized serving and I was grinning from ear to ear.


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