birthday birthday – big 20

This weekend has been filled with early birthday celebrations – one of which was mine (obviously) and the others were my friends’ birthdays and parties – in which some I share the same day of birth.

December 2nd

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My best friend Jeaneli (Jay) started the birthday weekend by taking me to one our favorite little cafes called Nice. The reason why we love this place is because of its aesthetic and the rustic vibe that the place has. The owner of the store makes you feel at home and you can see how much she loves her store especially because she’s there every day. The moment we walked into the door, she instantly remembered Jay and I from the surprise brunch I threw for  Jay in May (huh that rhymed). I felt very special that she remembered and asked us both if we were for someone’s birthday – I don’t know if it’s because she has some cool psychic reading but it made my heart happy. Every time I go with Jay, I think she falls more in love with the place. If she could she would have the same cafe the same way and maybe add her own little spin on it. We chatted and laughed and spent time reminiscing on the good old days and how hard 2016 has been for us both.

Nice is known for its delicious egg baskets and the yummy crumpets. These two items are the most popular items on the menu and so Nice have added a breakfast option called “half and half” in which you can have half portions of the egg basket and crumpets – which is what i always treat myself to.

Did I mention that the owner was nice enough to give me sparklers and cupcakes??  I was treated like a little kid again and I loved it.

you can find the cute little shop at :

Cnr 4th Avenue and 14th street, Parkhurst

December 5th

I love birthdays and today is my birthday so I’m extremely excited to be celebrating this day today. This year has been up and down but birthdays always make me happy no matter what happened the day before.

I share my birthdays with quite a few friends of mine – I’m older than some and younger than a lot more people and so today I got to spend it with one that I went to high school with.

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The started off early with tons of messages with friends and family who think I’m a special kid and made me feel like one. After which brunch was served with my friend Tasha who shares the same birthday as me. She is a grade above me but I am older than her – yes we compared the times and everything. It was a nice catch-up session  and was especially how things are from a year older. Later on, a group of my friends and best friends spent the evening at a place called Hudsons – The Burger Joint sipping on cocktails and being fancy adults. (but the adults that are money cautious because we students living the “student struggle”)


I love birthdays because they highlight to me how special people are and how much i love them. Thanks for a good day kiddos x

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