father coffee

So as i continue to study my way towards the ending of my first year of university (and towards my dream of owning a cafe), I couldn’t help but find another study location that serves both my dreams and studying. As you can tell sometimes I like to procrastinate with writing in my blog and telling you all about my cravings and what makes me happy and today is no different.

Coffee is one of beans and flavors that you either love or hate or both. When I say both it’s mainly because you have a love-hate relationship – it’s not the first thing you would grab but your body has become dependent on it mainly because of the buzz you get. I for one am a lover of coffee mainly because there are so many different flavors and smells you can get just from one single bean.

Father Coffee is a unique and popping store that celebrates the flavors of coffee – so you can’t imagine my excitement when i walked in with my laptop and textbook ready for another day of studying. I for some odd reason don’t get the buzz (buzz buzz buzz – lol I always think of a bee when i type that one) when drinking coffee (+milk) and so I can have as many cups as i want and feel nothing  – without milk i act like a toddler who just got sugar for the first time.

Father Cafe is owned by Nick, Barry Weedon, Angie Batis and Chad Goddard

The simplistic and creative environment of the store in both Rosbeank and Braamfontein almost makes you want to feel like you’re doing something important – in my case study. Many other people such as bloggers, businessmen and other creative individuals fill the room.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Check out and get more information on Father Coffee and the owners from their Instagram account – @fater_coffee


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