ice cream sunday – trump that ’16

So 2016 has had a few surprises and the biggest one of them being that Donald J Trump became president of the United States of America – yes we have gone from Barack Obama to a sexist, racist, homophobic orange man. The only positives that I can think of , of him becoming president is all the Joe Biden and Obama memes and for today, it’s the theme for Ice Cream Sunday. So that we can all bond now talk about Trump and enjoy a lovely combination of ice cream.

Today’s menu included American sized portions, lots of sugar and reinvented American classics. The obvious American favorites such as corn dogs were featured on the menu as well as the classic hot dog that everyone seems to be eating from their local corner food truck.

Going to Ice Cream Sunday is best spent with a couple of friends especially after a long week of studying, exams and even work. With the weather looking fabulous during the day, getting an interesting flavor of ice cream is always a chilled way to spend your afternoons. Friends that i have luckily discovered this year were a few people i spent my afternoon with. Two of us had tried the “American Fan” , Caroline got the “American Dream” whilst the cheesecake obsessed friend Keanu got the “Mexican Wall”.

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I oddly started the day not eating not having eaten a single thing and not even the monstrous sized “American Fan” ice cream could fill me up and so I decided to indulge in the “The Comb Over”. The mustard flavored ice cream did scare me a little mainly because I hate mustard – maybe I haven’t found my flavor, I don’t know.  But i put my big girl panties on and decided to just go for it. Surprisingly it didn’t taste bad at all, I think the mustard flavor was supposed to be a subtle flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


The well-known Ice Cream Sunday performing group known as “Don’t Poke the Bear” made a feature with cover songs for all of us to sing along to.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


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