starbucks and mexican fiesta

With the last exam coming up, the infamous “Last Exam Sydrome” has already to begun to consume my body – making me both lazy to study and eager for the holidays. But “NO” i told myself, you must study so that you can start the holidays on a happy note (plus you need to meet mom and dad’s expectations for the month). So today i statisfied a craving for Mexican food and whilst studying met a guy from the UK in Starbucks.

I have tried different styles of food in my years of being on Earth and because of this i have cravings for a lot of things. The craving for the week was a good serving of Mexican food – whether it be the standard tacos, enchiladas or even deep fried jalepenos (sometimes i cry because thats how good these jalepenos are #jktheyresuperspicyandicanthandlespicy). Because of my student budget and hunger the easiest and nicest thing for me to get was the hard shell tacos yum. The nice thing about Chiapas is that its easy and straight forwards.94e8f54d-d207-4605-b064-e1ab1889883d

  1. Choose your base (Tacos, salad, burrito or nachos)
  2. Choose your protein or veg
  3. Pick your FREE toppings ( +R10 for guacomole – the only topping sadly that isnt free)

(oh yes and dont forget to pay lol)

After this exciting purchase i decided that i would go to Starbucks (not only to use their super fast free wifi) but to get a refreshing drink since the whether was splendind and required one to put on their sunglasses. I was disappointed because all i was looking forward to was sipping on a frappachino but they had sadly run put of stock (damn these people who have the same cravings as i do). Although my family is not big on Christmas, it is one of my favourite holidays. I mean yes over the past years ive either recieved less to none presents but the flavours and smell of Christmas are my favourite. So when Starbucks decided that they would be like all the other Starbucks’ in the world and have the Christmas flavours, you cant imagine the excitement on my face – but alas there was nothing cold for me to drink since everyone is already in the festive mood. So i decided that i was still going to buy something – Cool Lime Refresha and BOY WAS THAT REFRESHING!!

So as stated in the name, its nice ice cold refreshing drink with a lime base flavor. I was presented with odd customer service from one of the baristas there. Thats a story to be shared if you know me personally haha.


The exciting bit about leaving the house was that i got to meet a band member who lives in the UK and is a fairly new underground band known as “We are Soldier.” They havent released any of their tracks as they are still recording and shooting music videos and what not to get their name known by the public. I had apparently looked like a friend he knew from the London. He told me a lot about his Cape Town adventures, visits to Robben Island, Mandela’s house in Soweto and how he is absolutely inlove with South Africa. He’s only been in JHB two days now and hasnt decided yet on what he thinks. He asked for advise and i simply told him not to enter the taxis (the mini vans he calls them) as he would be a little scared for his life.At this point Keanu was with me and told him about Neighbourgoods Market and Maboneneg and where all the cool kids hang out. It was a lovely conversation and i wish i had gotten his name but who knows maybe we will bump heads in the future as he plans to keep coming back to a city he fell in love with.

Today has been quite a lovely day, so if you feel the need to study but dont want to do it at home, i would recommend Starbucks, its quite scenic and if you get distracted you can people watch and that can be quite entertaining.



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