catch ups with Thorpe

If you’re fresh out of high school and your friends are doing different degrees and this means you can’t see your friends as often as you can, catch ups are the best things to do with a friend – plus you get a free adventure out of it.

Sunday, 23 October.

Sinead Thorpe, the crazy and fun loving friend that attends the same university with me is someone that I saw a lot on campus in the beginning of the year, but as the time went on, we just got busy with our degrees and didn’t see each other as much (also like walking from East to West Campus in the hour of lunch it’s sometimes not worth it – sorry I’m just lazy).

Today’s foodie adventure was at a place not too far from where we met – highschool. Although I’ve always been the girl who said that they would never go back after the end, I was surprised to find myself across the familiar building. Recently a centre called Keyes Art Mile opened across from my school in which trendy and not so ordinary and creative shops are opened.  Now the reason why I love this place is that there is a nifty store in which can occupy my always distracted mind. The restaurant we visited is called The Milkbar.

Processed with VSCO

In this cute little restaurant located at the ground level of the centre is African inspired cafe-like shop and is filled with all sorts of pretty things long enough that when you turn around you will still find me there. I had eaten flatbread with steak, tomatoes, feta (recently have an obsession with feta) and peri peri sauce while Sinead enjoyed a savory croissant filled with avo, mozzarella, and tomato. I strongly recommend my dish if you’re hungry and Sinead’s if you feel like something light on the plate and on your wallet.

The restaurant is reasonably priced and caters even for our struggling students’ wallet (no, keep your student cards in your wallets as they don’t give student discounts but that’s okay). If you like taking your pets with you in the car so they can enjoy the wind in their hair and the sun on their faces’ then you’re in LUCK because you may bring them with you here so long as you get an outside table. (well it is what I’ve seen all the dog people do)

I don’t want to give too much away before you get there yourself, so i leave the rest for you to go and enjoy and experience for yourself – maybe catch up with a friend.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

P.S: Drinks for the summer season that I’m sure you would enjoy is the iced chai and iced lemonade with mint.

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