In just a few months now, I will be on a plane and on a long journey to visit a much-needed special person and to finally start adding more to my blog. December 9, is when I officially hop on a plane and December 10 is when i set foot in “the land of the free”. My layover times will be spent using the free WiFi and oddly in the bathroom (i don’t know but i feel safer there – lol don’t judge). I will be spending roughly 2 and a half months in Washington State (not DC – they’re different two places).

My updated passport is ready to be collected and thank goodness for all the winter sales that are happening in South Africa in preparation to bring in some summer stock – but at the same time helping me prep for my cold winter in the states. My journey will be scattered under the different menu tabs as I visit different cafes, do tourist things in Seattle, visit museums and probably get fat on American cheese and any other artificial substance that they offer and maybe try out some yummy food.


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