tips and tricks on travel

Whats a travel blog without tips on what you need to back and travel with? I don’t really know the answer but i can confidently say that it is therefore not a travel blog. Okay so i’m no expert but i know people my age are seeking some sort of guidance and advice from people in their age category and so I’m just doing my fair share in giving back to my people.

International flights 

Seeing that Generation Y want to nothing but travel the world (I’m part of generation Y so i think i know what I’m talking about) and explore all the different cultures the world has to offer. With oversees travels comes long layovers, uncomfortable economy chairs (student budgets) and trying to sleep as pretty as one possible can, i personally think it is essential you add these items to your carry on luggage.

  1. Neck pillow – buy one in any shop such as Typo (they have really cool sets and world map patterns to make you look like more of tourist) – buying in the airports are ridiculously expensive and will eat into your spending money
  2. Cellphone – duh?
  3. Notebooks – not only would it be a dandy place to put all your doodles whilst waiting for your next flight BUT put any personal details such as numbers of your parents and wherever it is that you’re going incase someone steals your phone or your luggage. Nothing is more worse than being in trouble and not remembering anyones numbers because cellphones have made it easy for us with their shnazzy phonebook.
  4. Camera – document your adventure when your phone dies
  5. International plugs – so you can charge your phone in the airport. Have those USB detachable charges so that you can plug it in the plane too to let it charge.
  6. Travel guides – i know its old school but if you’re very 21st century then download the apps and read about where you are going.
  7. PASSPORT – I have heard too many stories of people missing their flights or not really remember where they put it last and it just dampens the excitement. MochiThings sells some great cases that you can put all your essentials including money and cards and passports.
  8. Jacket – because you never want to admit your mom was right. So just pack it in case because the plane does get cold and the blankets are wafer thin.
  9. Toothbrush and toothpaste – if its an overnight flight, be kind and respect customs because you cant smell it but other people can.
  10. WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANT – but keep it maybe 3 more items – be it a book, your iPod (although there’s music on the plane) or even your laptop.

Remember not to bring too many items because you don’t want to dig around for your stuff because that’s uncomfortable.

Let me know if you’re travelling and which places you’re going to visit.

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